Molly Haynes is a New York-based weaver who uses inventive techniques to honor natural materials through an ancient craft. Her sculptural textiles embody the sublime simplicity of natural phenomena— wind blowing over a marsh, linear shadows, geological formations. The weavings become controlled landscapes which satisfy the innate human desire to capture these sensory events.

Please contact hello@mollyhaynes.us for all pricing, commission, and collaboration inquiries. 


Photos by Sophie Fabbri



INC. ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN + COLONY: “Controlled Landscapes” solo exhibit, 2019

RUSSELL JANIS GALLERY/Group show: “Print/Weave,” October 2018

INTERIOR DESIGN MAGAZINE/Pollack fabric feature, 2017

W MAGAZINE/10th Anniversary Art Issue, October 2016

JACK CHILES GALLERY/Group show: "Concept Incline," June 2015

TRADITIONAL HOME MAGAZINE/Interior fabrics featured, 2014